Workshop on Measurement and Simulation of Coal and Biomass Conversion

The conversion of biomass and coal during gasification or combustion relies on the same principles. Although used as a source of heat for thousands of years by mankind, the conversion of these fuels still remains a field with a high demand for research. Aspects like kinetics, pyrolysis, char combustion, volatile combustion, radiation and especially the interaction of these processes with turbulence occurring in most technical devices are not fully understood, a reliable and accurate prediction using computational methods is yet hardly possible. However, the development of better physical and computational models, the increase in computational power and advances in experimental techniques will allow to successfully design and study technical devices in the future providing a more efficient and 'cleaner' way of converting coal and biomass. This workshop series targets the numerical and experimental aspects essential to future improvements of coal and biomass conversion. Following the example of the workshop on "Turbulent Non-Premixed Flames“ (TNF), this workshop focuses on the fundamental science and relies on experiments on the laboratory (and pilot) scale, where progress in modeling can be verified and validated against reliable experimental data.  

3rd Workshop 


May 9th 2019, after the 17th International Conference on Numerical Combustion
Aachen, Germany


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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that some of the work presented is published while other is still in progress. If you intend to refer to some of the published work, please cite it appropriately. If you wish to use or refer to some of the unpublished work you must first contact the original contributor of the work and ask for permission.


The workshop will be held subsequent to the 17th International Conference on Numerical Combustion (NC19). It will take place on Thursday, 9th of May, 2019 at the SuperC building of the RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany.


Please visit the registration site for registration. Late registration is possible until 2nd of May, 2019. The fee amounts to 60 € (advance bank transfer) and includes catering.


Agenda of the 3rd Workshop on Measurement and Simulation of Coal and Biomass Conversion

May 9th 2019, Aachen, Germany